Which occurs during sleep, the body and the brain

Ever wondered what happens to sleep our body and brain? A much needed sleep for the rest of the body work. The Huffington Post is actually based on what happens during sleep are highlighted below:

1. There are 5 sleep cycles. The sleep cycle is laid out in the meeting. The first, second, third and fourth rounds of the cycle and each cycle is completed by a random access memory (Rapid Eye Movement) said.

II. Susthu comprises diseases, hormonal activities in the body to produce energy just to keep a regular sleep to work.

3. 33 per cent of the plan is important and necessary to wake up thinking you can work efficiently.

4. Lack of sleep can create problems in the brain called hippakyampasa. Sahayaka place in memory that can hold and the mentality of the firm.

5. The ideal sleeping conditions for different people based on age and time are set. However, newborns 16 hours a day, 9 hours, most men and women need to sleep more than 7-8 hours, and pregnant women.

6. Lack of sleep debt, she said a few days when you sleep. It will have to pay more to sleep. Continued sleep debt obesity, heart disease, diabetes and stroke can cause.

7. Some students at the University of Chicago scientists tested once drawn 6 days 4 hours a night to sleep. It increases the blood pressure. Kartisalera increases the level of stress hormones. Vaccine production is resistant to the disease in half. Insulin lowers the blood levels of the discharges. After compensating for the lack of sleep began to recover as a result of their condition.

8. There are two cycles of non-random access memory random access memory and sleep. Two cycles in different parts of the brain are functioning and rapid eye movements differ. Usually a non-random access memory random access memory 4-5 sleep cycles may have.

9. 70-90 minute cycle random access memory starts to go to sleep. Expansion of the random access memory is a 90-minute cycle to cycle. At the time, our breathing rate is changed. The muscles become temporarily disabled. The interior of the eye movement. Electric waves in the brain is rapid and haphazard. We dream of this just through circumstance. The whole day back at work after a power cycle in the works.

10. Non-Remy-cycle electric brain waves slow, is gochalo. At the time, the eyes fixed.

11. The first cycle of sleep, we wake up we can move and easily. And the slow movement of the eye muscles began to stabilize.

1. The second cycle, breathing and heart rate to normal. We have to be isolated from the environment. Eye movement is stopped. A decrease in body temperature. Electric brain waves started to die down.

13. We are the third and fourth cycle of deep sleep. This is a return to the level of energy and muscle tissue is repaired. Lowers blood pressure, slow breathing, eye movements, muscle is closed and has to be disabled. The third level is called Delta brain waves become slow. The fourth cycle is exclusive to Delta Wave. The hormone is secreted time. These muscles work in the ministry.

14. If one week is 10 hours, lack of sleep over the weekend of 3-4 hours to sleep.

15. The lack of sleep the night to meet the normal process of breaking the morning when you wake up and go to sleep. If you want to fill.

16. 7-8 hours of sleep in a regular bed and not get back to sleep again

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