5 skin Pack for yellow skin Vivid, bright and sparkling green!

life style. This device spice in South Asian culture, genre, program-episode involved Variable to variable . Beauty care also like to mention the contribution.

Before the wedding, the bride-groom with a beautiful touch to show yellow face has become a rule. Turmeric can be called natural cosmetics. It has bright color, such as allergies, acne away. Moreover, signs of age, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, arthritis, and helps to relieve the disease.

Let’s see the green-yellow makeup -

1st custom

Turmeric paste, sandalwood powder, lemon juice, leave it in the face as a mask for 15 minutes. When dry, warm water, wash your face. Moreover, acne turmeric paste and mixed with water on hold for 15 minutes. Acne will be gone soon.


Many beneficial for oily skin yellow. One teaspoon turmeric powder, 1 teaspoon of sandalwood powder and 4 tablespoons orange juice and apply to the face mask. Any problem with oily skin will be removed.

3rd custom

One tablespoon of olive oil, 3 drops of lemon juice, an egg white, rose water and apply to the face as a mixed pack. Will notice a positive change in the skin itself. Moreover, all the places in the body that can put a dry place.
4th custom

Yellow skin, helps to remove wrinkles. One teaspoon turmeric powder, rice powder, tomato juice, mixed with raw milk as a face mask, leave it for 15 minutes. Then wash the face with warm water. Fine Lines, reading, hanging skin and normal skin and to lighten the skin is very effective.

5th custom

Turmeric powder mixed with a little butter and put it underneath the eye 20 minutes. Then wash the eyes with cold water. This is the bottom of the eye, including the black scene will remove wrinkles.

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