The northern traditional ‘bhadara katani’ Festival

At the beginning of the month of Bhadra village in the northern districts being the traditional ‘bhadara katani’ festival. As a result of his father’s home nababadhura naiyore has started to go. Traditional festival in the northern districts badhura Newly married father goes home. The town’s low-impact, but the festival is celebrated in the villages.

The festival Traditionally, the first day of the month of Bhadra, at least ten days with an eye to her husband’s well-being will not see any bride to her husband’s face. From the religious point of view: “Without any explanation katanira bhadrara according to the tradition of the area, starting from the date of the first day of the month of Bhadra is observed at the festival over the years. “Newly married bride’s house is naiyara” This sentence is now the face of the newly married families.

However, Dinajpur, Thakurgaon, Panchagarh greater Rangpur and Dinajpur region and to the west and south Dinajpur, Murshidabad, Malda and some parts of the system are introduced. Also Jalpaiguri, Siliguri districts in any part of the society that has the tradition of Bengali. Bhadara katanira argument in favor of the modern age, there is a fair contention. Yet bhadara katani festival does not stop. The Bengalis of those who sincerely tries to follow the customs and practices comply with the rules contained within the system bhadara katani.

Sthayiya people believe that marriage is one of the first ten months of the date of Bhadra to see her husband’s face to evil. Besides, usually held in the month of marriage is not condoned. Common practice in the region for decades has been the hinduu-Muslims.

According to the rules, the two-day while the rest of the auditory kanepaksa barapaksera home is worth several kinds of fruits, sweets, cakes, a variety of payesasaha-Patty said. Barapaksao is worth dwelling on them. As people around the sides of the bride’s house is a utsabamukhara environment.

Ramnagar belalauddina the occasion of the festival’s wife was in her father’s house. Dalabemdhe daughter-in-law goodbye to the bride’s house, people will come. People are gonna become busy in fact the guest house. First Hand washed, towel, sandals, clogs and dhoti towel system, the complement system is lungi. Then the goats to eat chickens, eggs, milk, bananas, yogurt, chira, turnover, payesa, Patty, Patty, are all in Bengali society to organize.

Birganj said Abdur Razzak, bhadara katani Muslim communities in the region, if not the subject of any religious custom has been around for a long time. Jakajammakabhabe sabhranta ceremonies held at the time of the Hindu community. Manuusake gradually practiced their influence in the region. At one point, irrespective of religious festivals in the region became a part of the culture.

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