Three ways to keep skin healthy scrubbing!

scrbingScrubbing the skin healthy. Using Scrub to remove dead skin cells on a regular basis. The skin is soft and smooth. Scrub the skin sensitive to the use of chemicals is not rich. The skin may be compromised. Scrub means to use domestically made more secure, because there is fear minimal side effects.

If you want to keep the skin healthy and vigorous domestic Scrub skin with a clean, he has advised on some of the Times of India.

Scrub ripe papaya and oatmeal

Take the first catake papaya. The three tablespoons of papaya yogurt with one tablespoon of sour mix. Make the oatmeal powder. One teaspoon of powder mixed with oatmeal blend of papaya and apply to face. Wait 10 minutes. Turning five minutes to lightly massage the face and wash it off with cold water.

Orange Scrub

Two tablespoons of powder with a tablespoon of orange peel powder and one tablespoon of honey mixed otasera create a dense mixture. Now, in the face of the pack with five minutes to lightly massage. After waiting for 8 to 10 minutes, wash it off with cold water.

Scrub almonds and tomatoes

Almonds powder with a teaspoon of sugar and one teaspoon of tomato juice mixed with one teaspoon of massage over face. After 10 minutes, wash it with water.


Scrub with a massage rub in the face of ever more loudly or not. This can damage your skin. Acne Scrub And if you do not use very carefully.
Scrub around the eyes should be avoided. Because many of these parts of the skin is thin.
Scrub ways to create domestic use of any powder with a fruit juice try. Cleaning the skin will be bright as well.
Scrub the time is less, the better. Scrub the face with a massage should not be more than five minutes.
Scrub face wash is better to use moisturizer after each use. It helps skin retain moisture.

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