Clean hair without shampoo!

cute-bichtra24Several studies have shown that about most people suffering from hair problems. Some dandruff problem, some hair loss is going to be disappointed with some rough hair. It is true that, if the hair shampoo and hair to the national problem is less clear. However, it is not right at all to shampoo every day. Because the hair loss shampoo. It contains a variety of chemical elements, which have a negative effect hair.

So, do not use shampoo hair all the time by means of the domestic cleaning experts advise.

How to clean hair without shampoo, she was given some advice about boldaskai Lifestyle section of the website.

At least once a week to clean the hair with lye. Keep the hair is washed with water, soda mix. Five to six minutes after the dry wash with water. It removes dandruff in your hair and the hair will be soft.
Seven minutes to lightly massage the scalp with vinegar. Now wash the hair with cold water. However, do not use soap or shampoo. After that you can take if you want to wash your hair with apple cider vinegar. The palm of your head and dandruff, oily feeling will go away.
Take three tablespoons of yogurt in a bowl to cool. Now, with a mixture of one tablespoon of baking soda mixed with a solid build. Now the hair and scalp and apply the pack well. After 15 minutes, wash it with water. You do not need to shampoo. This pack the hair clean by removing dirt and hair.
The first two egg yolk and a few drops of lemon juice in a bowl and mix together. The crown of the head of the pack with a massage. Wait 10 minutes. Then wash it with warm water. This will remove the hair lubricity and will be sparkling.
Rosemary leaves in eight minutes in the bucket of water a day. Wash your hair with this water now. Aroma scent of hair will not work.

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