It does not matter for me to dance with Kareena: Ananta Jalil

ananto-jalilThe film was recently added to evidence megastar Ananta Jalil Clean covered with concert. He will dance concert. Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor will take part in the hartathruba. This is at the heart of the show-biz event SEVENHILL also serves restaurants around the city at a press conference was held. Jalil attended the eternal. Organizing various aspects of the program are highlighted.

Ananta Jalil said in his speech, “such arrangements make us more aware that we should be more aayojana.” Kareena Kapoor will perform with the eternal Ananta Jalil told reporters in reply to a question, “I am mostly dealing with foreigners. It does not matter for me to dance with Kareena Kapoor. Come the day of the event, a lot of things can happen. “

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