Phantom call on your phone !!!

phoneHave you ever happen that you heard on your mobile phone to ring, even though you did not call? … Heard. There is nothing to fear. You are not alone. There are others like you in this complaint. Not only that, you may have even vibration options that do not call on your phone, despite being shaken pants pocket.
American Georgia Institute of Technology professor and philosopher, says Dr. Robert, hallucinations or delusions are due for this to happen. From anxiety and anxiety is very normal for this to happen an event. He said, as technology is changing the world, as well as causing changes in the human brain. And this is why modern people are suffering from delusions.
What is the impact of technology on our daily lives – a study on the Robert. He says, in a spirit among the people now that they are desperate to respond to e-mail or, and therefore it seems that the phone has rang. He said, “This is called phantom vibration. You may recall that the quake surged in pants pocket phone. When you phone from his pocket and found out that if you really have no one to call or SMS is sent. Not that anyone has seen the phone. Did not even have any messages. This is due to hallucinations or delusions. “In this context he also said,” We have seen research that says that they have a lot of experienced people.
In a recent survey conducted on university students found, nearly 90 percent of them say, but they did not think that phone call has been shaken. “Scientists say a lot of people in the current times has caused concern and anxiety, telephone, e-mail, text messaging – such technology reasons. There is always something happening in people’s ideas. The impact of the mindset of our body. So for themselves, we feel the vibration.

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