8 bad habits that your intelligence is reduced!

brainHow do we work every day. Some things become a habit. We may not ever notice how these practices are reducing our ability. Let us assume that such a practice, which is due to the general decrease in 8 efficacy of our brain.

1. Less sleep
Many people worked all night. Many watching TV, reading a book to pass the night. The night did not wake up everyday just makes you sick, but also reduces your IQ! 1 hour less sleep can bring down your intelligence level of 4 degrees to 6 degrees!
2. Reality Shows
Those who regularly watch reality television show their intelligence decreases. Some people were taken to a study in Australia, one of whom is part of a reality show to see. And between them there are several things to take their intellectual who watched reality show in question is behind them, who has not seen the show.

3. Sugar
UCLA study in the United States every day, tea, coffee, eating sugar or sugar containing drinks such as Coca-Cola, Pepsi drink slow performance of the human brain that affect the ability to remember and learn something new.

4. Some work together
We often work together on some. It reduces our intelligence. At the same time, some electronics products, especially those who worked, for example – talking on the phone with a camera taking pictures. 2009 Stanford University study came out this information.

5. Chewing gum
3 can be seen as a Cardiff University study, people constantly chewing gum reduces short-term memory. It has been shown that chewing gum after eating to children, collate and upload slower than the other kids, they both recognize objects.

6. Using PowerPoint
Studies have shown that use Microsoft PowerPoint to reduce human intelligence.

7. Obesity
2010 Kent State University studied over 100 gross human. The intellectual level of the people, which was before the operation two weeks after the operation, it has increased significantly.
8. Smoking
Sometimes can be seen, some of the cigarettes are. Some people pull up at the end of the cigarette. Central Michigan University study found that this practice was done away with intelligence.
Please note that your vices. Change yourself today. To bring back the practice-working.

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