Some useful shortcuts to YouTube

allnewsYouTube video watch and share videos to popular websites. Browsing through any computer software can be seen on YouTube. The mobile phone apps for viewing on YouTube. YouTube also learned some shortcuts and techniques, you can easily use YouTube. Let’s see strategies.

Loop: If you need to visit more than once with the same video can use this option. On the video, the text will need to click the right mouse button and loop. That’s it! The video will be repeated.

Keyboard to control the video by using the mouse to control the YouTube video. However, the time to work out the disturbing dharatao. If you can control key the video on YouTube. To play or pause the ‘K’ button for 10 seconds to the ‘J’, to mute the sound of the video for ‘M’, the video size to press the ‘Control’ ‘-‘ and of the ‘Control’ + ‘. Right arrow key for 5 seconds forward, and rewind the video for the left-arrow key. Use to increase or decrease the sound up and down arrow keys.

Internet problem: if your Internet speed is low or if you want to escape from the hands of buffering click. The high quality of your Internet connection is slow and you do not want to see the video, click on the option. The internet speed is not very good, but the videos without buffering.

To find a singer Album: remember the name of a favorite singer, but the song is a song I can not remember anything. no problem. Singer by the name of the hash ‘#’ button and enter the name of the singer wrote. You can get all the bang songs.

High-definition video to any video format to watch high definition video, writing the name in the search box, enter the HD. High dephinesanera’ll see all the videos.

If you want to see a little video: If you want to see the video of a lower speed than normal settings can take to reduce the speed of the video.

To set privacy: Do you like watching videos or any video you want to do is to tell others what sabakripasane privacy can be set by clicking on this link. If you do not see anyone else in your program.

If you want to see the video: a video like the video below to see it again after ‘add to’ click. Later, when you open the YouTube video you’ll see before.

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