Hundreds of cameras in bookfair for security.

allnewsEkushey book on 2016, Abdul Karim learned Bengali Academy last Saturday afternoon at a press conference was held. Academy Director General Shamsuzzaman Khan, a book about the subject of the press conference, exchanged views with journalists.

He said, as part of the fair, flawless security cameras have been installed in more than two hundred klojasarkita. The surveillance camera footage to keep separate personnel will work. Shamsuzzaman Khan said the book has been arranged and bahirapathe arcaoyera enough. The fair will be responsible for the overall safety of Bangladesh Police, RAB, Ansar, security guards and intelligence sanstharasamuhera.

There will be only two camps ryaberai. It will be controlled from the control room. According to the press conference, there will be a book full of polythene and smoke. A two-stall-Wari fire extinguishers and firefighters will be trained. The fair premises in and around the fair premises and the TSC to Doel Intersection courtyard, fisheries building, the Engineering Institute of the protestors and Doel monument in the courtyard of the TSC and Doel courtyard camnakharapula, TSC will be light enough to ensure the safety of FIG.

Book of the TSC, the two main entrance courtyard Doel, Bengali Academy premises in three ways, Suhrawardi way into gardens and outside the eight. Suhrawardi Udyan the first time to enter the gate has been constructed to facilitate a new all-embracing.

The press conference was attended, among others, Bengali Academy, Secretary Mohammad Anwar Hossain, member secretary of Ekushey Book 016. Jalal Ahmed, public relations director of the Department of Information Technology and Training Aparesh Kumar Banerjee, a book fair and a subsidiary of IFIC Bank Managing Director Shah Alam Sarwar, a subsidiary event to event Touch International CEO, Major (retd.) Mainula.

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