5 ways to increase the brightness of white cloth.

allnewsWhite clothes are dirty too quickly and soon lose brightness. The brightness of the white stuff once it’s lost quite difficult to get back. Use warm water to wash clothes. This cloth will remove dirt very easily. Baking soda, lemon juice or vinegar helps to maintain the brightness of the white stuff. In addition, try not to wash white clothes, always different. It is likely to take another cloth and white cloth. There are several ways to use domestically to increase the brightness of the white cloth.

1.Backing powder
1 tablespoon hot water with detergent in a bucket. The 15-minute soak up the detergent mixed with water. Then the clothes on the line in the baking powder. A little rub with baking powder. Wash cloth soaked with water after 10 minutes.

2. White vinegar
Keep a bucket of water and 50 mg mixed with vinegar. Soak white cloth in the water for half an hour. From clothes to dry in the sun and water. See how to increase the brightness of the white cloth. Yes, but then again, do not wash clothes with water.

3. Lemon juice
White cloth with lemon juice on the spots. Brush with a little rub on the spot. Lemon juice until the stain and rub with a brush. Cloth dipped in water mixed with lemon juice, you can keep the whole night. Lemon juice will make more white fabrics white bleaching material.

4. Potato juice
White clothes, white potato juice is much more effective. Let the potato juice on the white cloth patches. Soak the cloth or potato juice. 0 minutes after the wash with warm water.

5. Baking soda
Make a paste of baking soda in water. I take it on the white cloth patches. Leave it for 30 minutes. When it is dry, wash with clean water. If you want to increase the brightness of the cloth, then use baking soda paste on the white cloth.

Role in increasing the brightness of the white stuff, like detergent. Rinse with longer streaks of white cloth. Otherwise it will be difficult to move the spots.

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