Robot Run farming.

allnewsComputers running the farm. Starting from the water plants cropping up almost all of the processes that will take care of those. The farm will be launched by the middle of next year.

Kyoto, Japan on a farm in the area, authorities announced on Monday. They say this is the first such automated farm.

Lettuce leaves covered the roof of the farm will be 30 days from. Farmer hopes that the spread is increased in the five years to reach five million.

47 of the 300-square-foot floor-to-ceiling farm lettuce grown in the bracket will be made. Marisada official Koji spread the seed that men do. However, the rest of the process to produce harvested lettuce leaves will be done through the automated machines or robots.

Marisada also farm work, the robot employs almost half reduce the cost of hiring workers. Reduce fuel costs and almost one-third. The will have more beta-carotene than ordinary lettuce leaves produced on the farm.

The use of robots in Japan is relatively high. Workers in the country due to auto workers or robots tend to recruit a large and growing.

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