World Hijab Day is being celebrated today.

allnews2013 1 February World Hijab Day is celebrated in the beginning. The massive response to the match, that was celebrated by thousands of non-Muslim woman in hijab.

World Hijab Day “Even we know nothing about. You can have a look at.

A celebration of the idea comes first, Najma Khan, a resident of New York, one of the women. Hijabake many see as a symbol of women’s repression and division. Najma World Hijab Day, called for addressing this controversy.

Najma Khan was born in Bangladesh. 11-year-old, who has been living permanently in New York. Muslims and Muslim women who wear the hijab are not uncommon, he drew attention to some of them.

Hijab Day celebrations, as called for background Najma said, covering his head when he went to school, he would be a shame and a disgrace. Secondary school years, he was called Batman and the Ninja. And he called the Twin Tower attacks, Osama bin Laden and the terrorists. Najma said, “I am the only school wore hijab. This has been a victim of discrimination for many. So I thought, if only for one day, even if the non-Muslim women to wear the hijab, the Muslim women will be the victim of such discrimination. “

Basically, Facebook, Social Network madhamei tuitarera the spirit of the day in England, Australia, India, Pakistan, France, Germany and the spread in various countries around the world. This year, more than 50 countries around the first day of February, the Hijab Day is celebrated with different events. Consequently, the 3rd consecutive World Hijab Day is celebrated in 140 countries.
Nowadays, many countries, including Bangladesh, West hijab for Muslim women is being used only as a fashion trend. This Day in Islam the importance of ensuring that, in the true sense and spirit was a priority. However, in this day Najma Khan accepted the girl’s mind about the hijab have been able to create some interest, the United States, Nigeria, Australia, for the Western countries are promising.

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