The global price of shrimp is missing

Frozen shrimp exports from Bangladesh to the world was good for a few years. The amount of exports were rising every year. But the year was shocked raptanikarakera shrimp. Has reduced the amount of exports. The world has been reduced because of the large number of shrimp raptanimulya.
Frozen shrimp Bangladesh Frozen Foods Exporters Association of Exporters Association (biephaephaie) says, 013-14 pounds of shrimp a year, an average of 5 dollars 85 cents would raptanikarakera exports. But the shrimp were exported 201415 fiscal year, an average of 4 to 7 cents to $ nil. Raptanimulya one year fell by 73 percent to 43 percent.
Bangladesh’s shrimp exports to the 201415 fiscal year, 50 million to 97 million dollars, which is about 0 percent less than the target. Exports remained just above the target, fell more than the previous year. Last year, 55 million 1 million shrimp export.
August 9, the Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock biephaephaie frozen shrimp and fish export sector has sent a report of the recent situation. This information is mentioned in the report.
When talking about the loss of raptanimulya multiple exporters, mainly due to four Bangladeshi shrimp at the plight of the world. First, the Russian currency against the US dollar, the ruble crisis in Ukraine has reduced prices by 55 percent. Secondly, the European Union (EU) Twenty per cent against the US dollar price of the euro currency. Third, increased reliance on the European market and exports to the United States declined. Fourth, the economic recession affected countries in possession bhenami shrimp market.
When asked about the senior vice-president Golam Mostafa biephaephaiera first light, “global price increase-decrease, it’s normal. But in the last 0 years, shrimp prices have not dropped so much. “She said,” We have done well in terms of numbers and export right. But were unable to achieve the export target in terms of revenue. ”
35 rubles to the dollar before the crisis in Ukraine could be the one. Now costs 6 rubles. This means one million dollars before the shrimp were imported at a cost of 35 million rubles, the Russian importers. It takes the equivalent of 6 million rubles to import shrimp.
Similarly, of the 110 at the middle of last year there was one euro. Euro is now at 87 to 90. Twenty per cent of the value of the euro fell against the dollar.
Raptanikarakera the ruble against the dollar and euro due to large-scale darapatanera Russia and many European countries have reduced import of goods other than essentials amadanikarakera. Of Bangladeshi shrimps fell. Therefore, the domestic shrimp exports declined last year.
The report of the Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock Exporters Association of shrimp frozen shrimp export in the last two fiscal years at different institutions, what has been given to the attachment of a copy of the shipment. All calanai attested from several banks.
Apex Foods Ltd Chittagong frozen shrimp raptanikari institutions 013 3 September tarikhasambalita is one of the invoices, the company’s average 1 dollar 40 cents per kilogram of shrimp exports. But on March 19 of this year, the company has exported shrimp shipments to 7 dollars and 99 cents per kilogram.
Khulna, Bagerhat Sea Food Industries Ltd. is one of 014 shipments 0 Apr 87 cents to $ 1 per kg of shrimp exports. But at the same institution on January 11 this year, 86 cents of $ 10 per kilogram, shrimp exports.
Modern Food Industries Ltd in Khulna C 013 of 13 October shipments 19 dollars, 36 cents per kilogram of shrimp exports. On 5 March this year, the company has exported shrimp per kg 9 cents to $ 0.
Biephaephaiera vice president Golam Mostafa said the global shrimp prices have fallen more than 40 percent. There are 10 million of us in shrimp stock, the price of six million. Now we read liquidity crisis. To overcome this situation, we are working capital loans by at least 40 per cent interest in the block transfer of accounts quarterly installments over a period of 10 years, like the ability to pay.

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