10 killed in suicide bombing in Punjab sbarastramantrisaha

Pakistan suicide bomb attacks in Punjab province’s interior minister, Colonel (retd.) Souza khanajadasaha 10 people were killed. Sadi Khan and his political office in his home on Sunday by a jirga (meeting arbitration) during the attack.
Many people were buried under the collapsed roof of the building after the blast are being expected. Rescue operation is underway.
Punjab Chief Minister has confirmed the death of Don analainake advisor Syed Elahi.
It is expected that the office of 50-100 people. Most of them were buried under the rubble. In the meantime, remove debris, and rescue workers had recovered 10 bodies. Deputy Superintendent of Police Syed Shaukat Shah hajaro of the bodies that have been reported Dawn.
Interior Ministry sources said, of the banned Lashkar-e-jambhira suicide has claimed responsibility for the attack. In July, its principal owner, Isaac security forces had been killed since the death threats against Shuja.
According to officials, the explosion collapsed the roof of the office. The building has somehow turned into ruins. According to ruin the building windows.

In October 014 khanajadake Souza was given the responsibility of the Ministry of the Interior of Punjab. His command has conducted a major offensive against the terrorists. He was an adviser to the Chief Minister of Punjab provincial minister

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