Bollywood actresses friendship, why not?

Bollywood actresses behind the friendship in an argued ‘Brothers’ star Jacqueline Fernandez. According to him, Bollywood heroines who do not feel secure in the relationship of friendship with each other. That is why one can not be seen in the neck and throat and nausea.

Jaquin allnewsbdJacqueline said, ‘If you feel unsafe, then you can not be friends with anyone. But Bollywood actresses I sonamake (Sonam Kapoor), too. She does not feel unsafe to me, I do not think. He’s confident and intelligent. Until now, he has achieved a lot in life. My relationship with him. ”

Silankana-born Jacqueline Fernandez (30) acting as well as doing business in restaurants. He has a restaurant in Sri Lanka. Now he is going to open stores in India.

The restaurant business has no plans to move down apparel business, said Jacqueline. The reason? Or it sonamera see his friend. The department wants to see succeed sonamakei.

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