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Nirbashito establish a new victory awards were like school kids fear: Rituparna Sengupta flash KIFF inauguration in Kolkata area KIFF this year Amitabh Bachchan KIFF moodAdda to establish the crowd
Shree Venkatesh Films, a party Friday night Kolkata International Film Festival held to celebrate 21 wonderful years.
Aijelo Mohta and Mahendra Soni was seen bring in visitors. Inside, Egg theme of film, cinema and other theaters. Many saw in the film festival was heard talking. Taxis Jafar Panahi tops the list. International results of competition were announced, however, as seen by some random space. A number of other musicians said another festival -IFFI Indraadip 2015. Das Gupta had been planning to “Nothing like good movies. KIFF has come to an end, once and, I’ll be attending IFFI. I was not being He invited the Kaushikda selection (Ganguly) Cinemawala, but also the closing ceremony. ”
Nirbashito has won another award to the director and actor ,, Churni Ganguly came out smiling from ear to ear. Looking up at a beautiful salwar suit, Rituparna Sengupta year has been special for him. Throughout the conversation and clinking glasses, loss of sense of victory. Good teammate Bappaditya Bandopadhyay missing, the director Shekhar Das, “and I used to call the post-midnight. I still have not forgotten now waiting for his call.”
At night, many will not forget in a hurry at a dinner ended. Guests koraishutir kochuri, kasundi phoolkopi, sorshe Chingri, maachher chop, Bariani dam crammed next edition of the festival is coming soon, I hope that what remains.

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