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Bengali film is not still in a good financial state. Two stars with many players in the top five versions worship ,. However, some great shots in the two-star Abir lead, lined up for Christmas. As the main actor, it feels larger space should be released, or the launch of Buzz, so much that is good for?
A: As an actor, I have so many great film should not be released at the same time feel. But I’m in the business who know what they are guessing. I personally have a movie, I think, it is currently popular and successful that in such cases is not possible, he feels.
AC: December 19 last year, had two major releases. History repeated this year during worship. So what I can say? I feel great launch respite necessary. The theater audience is pulled, however, release the noise and bustle, has a positive impact.
Dev is acting, that Aparna Sen Arshinagar ,, the film will be released a week later. Director and actor, both large Bhira extractors. Byomkesh as its own public, both as nervous or know for sure?
AC: Byomkesh has a huge fan following and we are sure our film. Besides, the festive atmosphere of Christmas is right for launching Byomkesh. People living outside Calcutta back home and watch movies to relax. Arshinagar loved the trailer, but I’m sure everyone will love HHB. I Rinadi (Aparna Sen) films have been released just seven days after our’m not afraid of that, but, as I before releasing stress.
A: I Arshinagar be a good watch to be sure, but the team is confident HHB our wonderful film. Therefore, no voltage; We just saw the house full HHB are the number of days!
(They shoot each scene in Varanasi as used to happen after both har har Byomkesh, songs after the talk.

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