Different flavors of cream of tomato soup on a cold wintry

To wear a sweater in the winter has not come yet, but back up there in the evening frost is in the air but the body trembles. Tremor can then remove tea and coffee kapatai fund. How about some more fun to eat at? Ask for a mild winter, a nice soup recipe. This soup is full of butter and cream will you promote from within. Half an hour to 40 minutes to be made in this soup.
Ingredients (for two persons served)
 – four cups chopped tomatoes
 – a bay leaf
 – three black pepper
 – one and a half tablespoons of butter
 – one tablespoon flour
 – a quarter cup of tomato ketchup
 – two teaspoon sugar
 – salt and pepper and crushed
 – one and a half tablespoons of fresh cream
 – garnisera two teaspoon fresh cream (you can if you want)
 – quarter cup bread chroot (you can if you want)

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