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This study is believed to be one of the first to show that regular consumption of flavanones orange juice could have a positive effect on cognition in the elderly. “Small changes, easily administered to the daily diet, such as eating fruits and vegetables rich in flavonoids again, have the potential to substantially benefit brain health,” Lamport said. “This is an important discovery which reinforces the growing evidence that foods rich in flavonoids may play an important role in the fight against cognitive decline in old age,” he said. Previous research has shown that other flavonoid-rich foods like blueberries are beneficial for cognition. While researchers are not recommending that people drink 500 ml of orange juice every day, they believe that these findings show that components of orange juice could play an important role in supplying the brain-boosting nutrients as part of a healthy and balanced diet. The study was published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

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