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In the film lived by his faith in Saturday night his last breath Director,
He thought he could change the world and the cinema was the only ammunition. So armed with the Bengali and started a war of conscience. What followed Sampradan, Shilpantar, Devaki, Kantatar, hunger, Housefull, Kagojer Bou, Elar four Adhyay, Nayika Sangbad like in the movie theater … lived by their faith, the box office failure caused by this died from.
Another day, Bappaditya Bandopadhyay, 45, a private hospital ICU’s struggles to emerge and are not allowed to watch TV was like a child complaining. International Film Festival of India Bridge (IFPI) Sohra was selected in the Indian Panorama in 2015 to address the media Arun Jaitley wanted to take, but I was worried about not being ready to print. In his last interview he admitted to us arriving a little late in the day, had much to say about it. He once again with pneumonia after being admitted to hospital on November 2 Sohra prequel bridge for 19 days in Cherrapunjee, who was busy shooting late August, Bappaditya ,, on their way back to a Calcutta hospital ICU down. She severe pneumonia Harsh Chhaya, Bidita Bag, Rajshri Deshpande and returned about 16 August Melvin J Mukhin.Bappaditya, star of the rain was determined by continuous shooting, which initially ignored which has been running at high temperature. His condition worsened, he was in the ICU, where he was admitted to a state hospital. Director of the family later moved him to a private hospital. They allow the “job of introducing me and also received the doctor to check me in the mail UCI is not allowed in the past four days, knowing that this is afternoon.But. I do not even know me after another in terms of a test for me to go home. It still has trouble breathing and my lungs are not working well, he said, as you know. Besides, my parents are getting irritated. There comes a pacemaker in my heart, “she said Tuesday his health, and he let us in.

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