The biscuits made with flour is too much delicious! (Recipe and video)


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Cakes and biscuits made tremendous uproar, especially those of the pure Bengali cook for them. Cookies can make the flour, butter, etc. Essence. What if they are not at home, but will not be baking? It is not! It is made with flour and butter out of a biscuit recipe! And it’s not for the oven, you can create your pressure cooker.

 – half a cup of flour (also spread over time until it can take a little bit)
 – half teaspoon baking powder
 – A pinch of salt
 – quarter cup sugar
 – a quarter cup of butter (15 minutes in the freezer to harden)
 – two tablespoons of milk
 – two cups of salt (for baking)

(Watch Video)

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