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A team of doctors here have developed a mobile application through which the health of the heart can be monitored at any time of day by calculating the risks and give recommendations on how to prevent heart disease in the future. The mobile application, called ‘Heart Health Meter’ (HHM App), the afternoon was launched at a function here yesterday by a team of doctors and IT experts Madhavbaug? organization of multidisciplinary cardiac care clinics and hospitals – in its 50th anniversary. In explaining the modalities of implementation, Rohit Sane, administrator and CEO of Vaidya Sane Trust (the parent organization of Madhavbaug), said through ‘HHM App’ can know the current health of your heart. “With increasing age, diseases such as diabetes, excess weight, smoking, high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels damage our blood vessels and the heart, which increases our risk of heart attack” , said. The ‘Heart Health Meter’ calculate this risk and also gives recommendations and advice on how to reduce or manage the risk, he said. -

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