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The famous singer Mitali Mukherjee in Bangladesh for his outstanding contribution to the cultural heritage of the city NA, Bangladesh has received an award for lifetime contribution.

Annual awards program of the City of NA, the singer was extradited, Bangladesh, according to a press release, on Saturday at the Radisson Blu Water Garden Hotel “Gaane Gaane Gunijan Sambardhana” style.
Shireen speaker Sharmin Chowdhury, a prominent film director Amjad Hussain, City Country Officer Rashed Maqsood fee Crest Mitali Mukherjee, portrait and event delivery check.
“We recognized artist, Mitali Mukherjee proud privilege to honor. During the subcontinent Bengali music has contributed to progress,” said Rashed Maqsood.
Mitali Mukherjee was born in Mymensingh. He is very young and began his musical career in Bangladesh. Bengali songs that are very popular for many years.
Since 2004, the city of NA, Bangladesh Bengali artists for their outstanding contribution to music Nilufar Yasmin, Farida Parveen, Feroza Begum, Sanjida Khatun, Shorab Hossain, Ferdousi Rahman, Sabina Yasmin, Bannya Rezwana Chowdhury Subir Nandi, Shahnaz Rahmatullah Syed Abdul Hadi honest and culture.

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