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Regular use of aspirin may help slow the progression of early emphysema, a deadly lung disease, according to a press investigation. Researcher Carrie Aaron, of Columbia University in New York, said that apart from quitting smoking and avoid, there were no known methods to reduce the risk of developing emphysema. “In the large general population sample, it was found that the use of aspirin 3 or more days a week was associated with a slower progression of emphysema percent in computed tomography (CT) over 10 years,” he said. The study included 4,471 people who participated in the Multi-Ethnic Study of Atherosclerosis Study lung, where the percentage of lung volume with emphysematous characteristics (percent emphysema) was evaluated in a maximum of 4 scans done more than about 10 years of follow-up.,. Spirometry, a measurement of expiratory air flow was conducted in 81 percent of study subjects.

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