Nusrat Faria’s new hero Om!

nusrat faria pic nusrat faria

The presentation was a discussion of the film’s name  Nusrat Faria. His first film was the hero of the most popular actors in Kolkata rod.
Faria soon going to start working on another film. His film will perform against another popular hero in Kolkata Om.
This time Faria Nusrat films are co-productions. The name of the film “Hero 420″. Nasir and Sujit Mondal beach will jointly direct the film. The film premiere will be on November 14 in Kolkata, Faria said Nusrat.
“Hero 420″ Faria Nusrat about the image of the first light, “the story is very interesting. Like I said great. I’ll work with the unit, and they are very good. In all, it seems to be a good picture. “

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