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¬†Actor Robert Downey Jr has talked first about walking out of a TV interview in the UK earlier this month. Questioned by US DJ Howard Stern, the Avengers star nicknamed Channel 4 Krishnan Guru-Murthy, “an investigative journalist bottom-feeding” for raising their past problems with drugs. The actor said he had been “promoting a superhero movie” and suggested that his interviewer had a “creepy dark agenda”. The Guru-Murthy himself has insisted he had “no particular program.” Writing in The Guardian, the announcer said “PR man” Downey Jr had been informed “recovery of jail and drug abuse” the actor grew up in the interview. “We do promotional interviews on Channel 4 News,” wrote Guru-Murthy. “We agree with public relations people also talk of a new film in a while we want to ask questions that go wider on relatively serious issues.” “Social decorum” Downey Jr, however, said Guru-Murthy was “Weirding [him]” with its line “weirdo” of questioning in his “first interview of the day.” He said he now wished he had left before the interview and suggested that Channel 4 journalist had violated “social decorum” by searching “a child violinist who is running for mayor.”

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