Keep scientific ways of heating the house in winter.

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The external environment was also inside that cold winter residences. The cozy warmth of home, to bring down the heater in the room do not need to buy. Some of the techniques to science.
Drag the window at night, heavy curtains
During the day, sunlight coming through the window at night, but a hot room with windows to the warmth and your house is a little cold. As soon as the sun went down, dragging the heavy window curtains. The house is comfortable.
Cover walls
Along the walls of the house to keep the heat in and the cold is not that fast. Heat insulating walls can not be easily accessible, so it takes less cold. If you have pasted posters on the walls, then it is a little help to retain heat. Framed picture or mirror frame works better. If you do not think about the cost of a small carpet or wall hanging tyapestri. The best, however, was brought. Shelving books prepared inasuletarera works very well, resulting in comfortable room temperature.
Cover the front door of the house
There are a lot of things at the glass door to the outside. The heat get out of the night. In addition to the open door of the house in the cold air can be entered. For these reasons, the inner side of the gate can be a heavy screen. It does not lose heat easily, as well as the cold air does not enter directly into the house.
Bring out the inner side of the room furniture
The outer walls of the house is more than a cold. Bring out the inner side of the furniture in the house. For example, if your desk is fitted to the wall, then go to work on it with your hands and feet will be cold fast. If the window next to your bed in the morning are more likely to be a pain in the neck. Due to the constant use of the furniture can bring the inner side of the house.

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