Surprised shoots!! Friend gift own wife to her friend !!



Tenderhearted friend of his wife gave to a friend. Kabinanama twenty thousand married in the presence of witnesses is set to 4. The incident took place on September 29 at night kulaura prthimapasa supplements.

However, the nursery owner, a resident of the slum manachara karmadha Union Farman Ali alias scientific (52) and kulaura municipality of jayapasa Masuk Mia (37) days from the deep friendly relationship between. At one point a few days ago Masuk Mia’s love affair with the wife and three daughters and a son-in boyfriend escaped with draws.
Farman Ali, the wife of his friend struck a responsive chord. Farman Ali, the wife was home, he was pleased with the wife of a friend is a gift. Such a desire, as was implemented.

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