Vitamin D to reduce the progression of low-grade prostate cancer

vitamin DAccording to recent research, consumption of vitamin D can lead to reduction or even reverse the progression of low-grade prostate cancer without surgery or radiation. The aggressiveness of the tumor after a prostate biopsy Gleason was measured Grading System and tumors with Gleason scores of 7 and above is considered aggressive and likely to spread while those with a score of 6 and below considered less aggressive. Bruce Hollis, a scientist at the Medical University of South Carolina, said prostate cancer low grade could be cured with surgery and a person must wait 60 days from the time of biopsy, to undergo a prostatectomy. The team Hollis had assigned 37 men undergoing elective prostatectomy, one group received 4000 U of vitamin D per day, while the placebo group received no vitamin D, and then after a period of 60 days were removed and examined their prostate glands. Preliminary results indicate that men who received vitamin D intake showed improvement, while the other group either stayed the same or worsened, suggesting that vitamin D has led to dramatic changes in the expression levels of many lipids and cellular proteins. Hollis added that the cancer has been associated primarily with inflammation and vitamin D had the ability to fight inflammation within the gland, but nothing has been known about whether vitamin could treat or prevent prostate cancer, but it seemed prostate cancer low degree of ballistic be kept. The research could be described recently in the 249th National Meeting & Exposition of the American Chemical Society (ACS).

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