Dew Next Stay Shakib Vacation

The new guest coming. This time next to the wife of her husband “is necessary. However, that duty can not play a lot of cricket husbands. Shakib want to stay right next to the pregnant woman, but the dew. According to the board, has already allowed him to leave.
Nintendo now leads the National League in the next few rounds will not be able to play. Prime Minister to attend the second round, he did not play.
His wife in America. Until he took leave in mid-November.
BCB official said, is trying to bring on board in November, Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe agreed to the proposal, leads can come back a little earlier.
Another source of Zimbabwe in November to play two Tests Shakib really do not want to go home. He has given up into the hands of the board. If the board considers necessary, then m will come from America. The all-rounder.
Zimbabwe is expected in Dhaka in January. The three Tests and seven one-day tour of the two teams playing. But the board wants to play a Test series in November. Bangladesh Cricket Board official may offer nowadays Zimbabwe.

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