The policy behind the lack of productivity

In the absence of proper policies in China, India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh are at a disadvantage compared to the total productivity. Although there is no alternative to increase productivity to maintain competition in the export market.
Friday, on the occasion of a seminar organized by the National Productivity Day speakers said. However, the increase in productivity as well as ensuring political stability, timely Commerce Ahmed said the steps being taken.

60 billion dollars export target has been the golden jubilee of independence, which is almost twice the current target. Just 6 years later extended the use of resources to achieve these targets.
However, the productivity of the most powerful role. Vision 2021 required to implement the increased productivity that comes up in a discussion about these things on.
Asian Productivity Organization is one of the figures, where the last two decades, China’s productivity has risen by 159 per cent, only 13 per cent of the country’s productivity has increased. Bangladesh has overtaken India, Vietnam, Sri Lanka. In order to reach the desired increase in productivity, economists emphasized.
Increase productivity at work is based on priority and high priority Commerce Ahmed said. Achieving development targets to increase the skills of workers in the private sector to come forward minister. -

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