Diabetes sugar from the coconut flower!

Diabetes sugar from the coconut flower! Really surprised to hear that it takes, coconut juice and sugar sarabatatulya flowers. Feel free to diabetes, which can get infected. Even the sugar-sweetened drink made from the juice can.
The flowers are sweet coconut juice ‘nira. Light cream-colored sweets’ niraya different types of minerals, anti-oxidants, including vitamins, experts say. Bidhan Chandra Agricultural University scientist Asit Chakraborty commented, “If you drink this juice diabetes sufferers do not have to worry about. Because the amount of sugar in the blood mingles extremely low. ”

The possibility of the coconut tree in the north-eastern Indian government has started to extract the juice from the flower. Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) and the Kerala ‘krapas Plantation Central Research Institute (sipisiaraai) Scientists have long been conducting research on cocoa. This pilot project has been started under the supervision of those balagare Hooghly.
Inspiring projects Bidhan Chandra Agricultural University, said, It has been estimated, one percent of the trees in the West from 1024 million liters a year to get the juice. The market value of nearly 6 million rupees (Rs). A coconut farmers plant one hectare of land, the trees, the flowers all the year round, about 1 lakh (Rs) be able to sell wine. He said the world sugar market, cocoa flower The wine market is growing every day. As well as the cultivation of alternative crops could play a bigger role in the coming days nira.
The major mistiprastutakaraka ‘Amitabh Dey said the owner of the text modaka, they nirake’ Health Drink ‘as well as to bring to market. The juice is made from the sweet made with sugar diabetes, there are plans for them.

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