Heretic father To whom!

Only 4 years old daughter. To screen her how much? The infant daughter of the head scarf thrown away the sin she killed her father. Heretic who hate what else could be the father! Uttar Pradesh, India on Friday barelite this terrible incident.
However, on that day pharahina eating lunch at home with his mother. At that time, the scene of his father, Zafar. Pharahinera inadvertently eat the head scarf was opened. That was the ultimate punishment pharahina.
Pharahinera mother complained to the police, said the head scarf from her father, Zafar pharahinake offense to have to dash over. After a few bottles were frozen pharahina. By then his life has gone from the body.
Pharahinera bodies buried somewhere in the house after the murder of his mother to give Zafar. But the mother did not agree pharahinera. Zafar did not prevent him, even threatening to. He told the story to the neighbors.
Pharahinera mother’s father was arrested on the complaint of his fellows. The incident is under investigation. The Indian media uproar created.

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