Bellflower Weight One kilogram!

A pair of as much as 1 kg of Bellflower! The two one-carat price of a Bellflower 36 million. The three pairs of Bellflower, appearing on the shelves at the market in Dubai has made the Indian jewelery company GR.
Managing Director of G and joy anantapadmanabhanera words, “We wanted something bigger and something special to impress the dubaike.” There is no doubt about it, especially in the Bellflower.
Twenty-carat price of a Bellflower 36 million. Dubai inaugurated its new outlet at the Bellflower South actress pupil of the eye. But who would Bellflower too large? Jhumakake worked at least can not be used as jewelery.
According to the company, they want to sell to collectors Bellflower. Not only that, there are millions of records. To apply for the Guinness Book of World Records to reflect the company’s jewelery.

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