The price of water in the Chamra!

Leather tannery owners to buy water at this time. Eid-ul-Azha halt the decline in prices in the international market on the ground has been reduced, so the market price of raw leather. Cattle, mutton, salt bakarira bargaphute to the skin than the previous price has been reduced to 0 money. Salt on the skin of cattle per square feet 50-55, 40-45 outside the capital, goat skin leather bakarira 2022 and the purchase price has been fixed at Tk 15-17.
Yesterday a press conference in the capital cost of the new skin is revealed. But last year was much higher than the purchase price of the leather tannery owners.
Last year, the tannery business in the capital of salt per square feet prices of cow’s skin 70 to 75 rupees. The price was outside the 60 to 65 rupees. The salt goat skin leather bakarira 30 to 35 and from 5 to 30 were determined.
80-85 square feet per cow skin salt on the previous year to 90 and 75 to 80 outside the money, 50 to 55 square feet per goat skin and skin bakarira rate was just 40 to 45 rupees. The buffalo leather was used to determine the price of 40 to 45 rupees per square feet. This is seen as, in the capital and outside the capital, the skin of slaughtered cows decreased compared to last year’s price of Rs 0. It fell by more than 30 more than last year.
Three leather business organization Bangladesh Tanners Association (BTN), Bangladesh Hide and Skin Merchants Association (bieicaesaemae) and Bangladesh Finished Leather, ledaragudasa and Footwear Exporters Association (biephaelaelaephai) jointly organized the press conference. Biephaelaelaephaira read out a written statement, President Abu Taher. Among others, Chairman Shaheen Ahmed and bieicaesaemae BTN president Hossain were present.
And the skin may be less demand in the international market due to the reduction in the value of the skin leather traders said. Coverage of the Chairman Shaheen Ahmed, the international market has reduced the value of the skin. The buyer countries have reduced orders due to low demand. As a result, the skin has a reserve of 500 to 600 crore. Is to reduce the value of your skin.
Coverage of the skin, reducing the cost of the Chairman Shaheen Ahmed, a huge amount of the investment to establish new silpanagarite, Compliance factory to build international pressure to devalue the export market, well-known brands of skin from Bangladesh under the pretext of not environmental apathy, euro and struggling entrepreneurs araenabira viewed skin. Last year collected more than half still remains in the skin, he said.
News conference, February 6 cents per pound on the skin zero value was 106. Currently, the price of 71 cents. Earlier on Sunday, a meeting with the Ministry of Commerce on behalf of business to reduce the price of raw leather is called.
Chairman of the biephaelaelaephaiera M Abu Taher said the huge investment in new silpanagarite leather factory relocation, Compliance factory to build international pressure, the value of exports of leather and leather goods market has been to reduce the price of the skin.
Eid will be difficult to heat because the skin to save the skin of the press conference expressed concern traders. However, nearly 65 million cattle and 35 million sheep to celebrate the skin they expected, almost 48 percent of the skin, which will be collected throughout the year.
Tannery owners told a news conference, the feast of sacrifice too much heat is due to the risk of skin breakdown. For this reason, the field of skin with the salt, he said.

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