Mina stampede death toll at 717

Saudi Arabia’s Mina stampede death toll has risen to 717. In addition, a further 863 people were injured in the incident appeared.
Thursday (4 September), Mina, “Satan pedestal, throwing stones at the accident occurred while local media quoted a Saudi civil defense.
According to reports, the crowd immediately launched search and rescue operations, the authorities concerned.
Saudi Civil Defense said in a statement, is working to take the pilgrims evacuated their workforce.
Local media quoted authorities as saying the injured have been taken to hospital for treatment, the local four.
Meanwhile, some Bangladeshis were injured in the incident, according to overrun the Bangladesh Consulate in Jeddah.
This year, more than two million people from across the world to Saudi Arabia to perform Hajj said. Tuesday (September) starts from the Hajj rituals. The section on Monday (1 September) in the evening local time, worshipers returned to the tower.
Earlier, on September 11 at 7 pm local time in Mecca Masjid al-Haram (Grand Mosque), the extension of the crane during the construction of the roof collapsed, killing 107 people. In addition, at least araisa injured.

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