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Remove its waste management and environmental health, and putting up with Dhaka City Corporation (North and South) of the 532 places for sacrificial rating. City Corporation areas where there is no obligation on the sacrifice asked the mayor said. If you want to be able to sacrifice one’s own courtyard, they said. The areas north of the Zone 1 -1 6 on Road Sector border market adjacent plots of illegal buildings, the land adjacent to the railway line on the eastern sector of the Shah Road, Sector 10 district and 17 ward Joarshahara bheribadha adjacent building adjoining the madrasa Noorani south side of the tracks. Mirpur Region II’s Aaron Mullah Eid prayer ground in blocks of 12, 1 / dira Eid prayer ground, Block E slow large mosque adjacent to the Park City Club Ground Mirpur, Section 10 Block-C of the Army Field Mukul, 11 / -5 C Avenue Market Road, adjacent to the jhuta Udayan belt roads of Paris Road, New DCC market, 13 / B tin-shed colonial monument Field, Power House Road, 13 / C Sher elementary school playground, Section 14 of the Darul Uloom Madrasa , bauniya dam Eid prayer ground, 11 / E Ideal City Eid prayer ground, Mirpur Bengali High School Field, kalasi Islamia High School, Section 6 of the middle and buds Army Field Road, Section 7, the club from milkabhita Road, the main road Hazarduary neighborhood, Pallavi Government Primary School playground, 6 / C market adjacent to the Eid prayer ground, the National Bengali school grounds, school grounds Rupnagar Manipur, Al-Nouri mosque and madrasah ground, Commerce College Road, Zoo Road Eid prayer ground, Block D of the Children Park, Botanical Gardens High School Field, Field Kazipur Mosque, manikadi ideal bidyaniketana field, balughata school courses, barunateka baigarateka main road, dhamalakoti biarapi Field, 1 / B Block office near the place clean and the staff attendance, Pallavi 11 / C New DCC market, bauniya embankment adjacent space, Rupnagar No. 5 Road, adjacent to the Wasa Canal Place, 8th Ward Hazrat Ali (ra.) City Corporation commissioner’s office back in the market inside and Bhashantek. Area-3 18th Ward kalacamdapura high school adjacent to the ground, kalacamdapura sandy field, Baridhara Park, sahajadapura Banshtala adjacent empty space, empty plots adjacent Suhrawardi Avenue, 19th Ward, President, Justice Shahabuddin Ahmed, the north-eastern part of the park, said. Park at the signing, the chairman of the House Banani playground, playground adjacent to highway 13 and No. 15, No. 7 of the road adjacent to the forest commenced playground, Gulshan Central Park, Gulshan Lake Park, Gulshan Avenue, adjacent to the north side of the WASA pump ground water, Mohakhali Amtali playground , T & T playground, dienasisi bazaar adjacent to the empty space, empty space adjacent to the newly Mohakhali kitchen market dienasisi, Titu college playground, community center adjacent to the road Mohakhali, Badda sandy field adjacent high ground, alatunnecha empty space adjacent to the high school, Merul Badda bamboo shop adjacent empty Places, North Badda garrasa empty space adjacent to the high school, Rampura salamabaga field adjacent to the mosque, adjacent to the high school field ekaramunnecha, Banasree Ideal School and College, the empty space in the inner city project, ulana Road adjacent to the empty space, Khilgao cemetery adjacent space, empty space inside Taltala market , Taltala Market killed near the road including street 80 feet, empty place in the field adjacent to the Parliament pallima, Khilgao Chowdhurypara primary school adjacent to the ground, bijipresa high school adjacent to the ground, in front of the empty space colony, Textile Engineering University, playground, Mohakhali bus stand adjacent to the empty space , FDC inner empty space, shops sahinabagera Civil ebhiyesana border, adjacent to the field of civil ebhiyesana High School, elanabari empty space adjacent to the government quarter, C & empty space, Hussain Ali school and college courses, West nakhala neighborhood public elementary school playground, adjacent to the empty sahinabaga Staff Welfare Field, arajatapara Mosque adjacent to the playing field, children’s park adjacent to the empty space nayatola, Ispahani school grounds, school grounds Parvati, sahanuri bidyaraya adjacent empty space, empty space adjacent market Charulata intensely, intensely T & T water pump adjacent to the empty space, nayatola park adjacent to the empty space, madhubaga field adjacent to the empty space, empty space next to the main road and bagasabari mirerabaga adjacent empty space. Zone-4 hariramapurera ajarabada Madrasah field, bardhanabari empty space next to the mosque, gelarateka the school playing field, diyabarira sinnirateka beribamdhera road, karamaikela Syed Nazrul Islam Road Community Centre, next to the City in Khaliq, golarateka Eid prayer ground, lalakuthi Market Road, in front of the mosque gaidarateka the old mosque gabatali field, Shah Ali shrine inside, intellectual Shaheed Minar on the road, gabatali elementary school playground, residential area of ​​Dar es Salaam, Radio Colony inner space, Furfura Sharif Complex, 10 Community Centre, in Kalyanpur Girls’ School, in the number 13 Road elementary school playground, the road in front of the mosque Minar Road, Paikpara main road, Paikpara steterera housing inner space, inner roads of Eastern Housing, Central Paikpara madrasa and mosque complex, the last head of the culvert adjacent Paikpara SP Road, the main road Bihari neighborhood, Paikpara Government Staff Inside the quarter, Paikpara Government staff quarters inside, oyasira Khan Road Government staff quarters inside, misako supermarket on the road, the main road near the mosque in the southern bisila, public housing bailena, basirauddina school playground, pool habula the front fringe of the road, the road in front of the mosque daudakhana , kalaoyalapara road in front of Jama Masjid, Manipur in the inner field, Barabagan sign on the road adjacent to the pond water pumps, Senpara Barabagan Market Road, Manipur Gauchhia front of the mosque, Barabagan housing inside settlements in Manipur, the school boy, maukabaoyala in front of the mosque, the mosque in front of the lord father, pirerabaga Alimuddin school inside the housing, Shimultala front of the mosque, jhilapara front of the mosque, madrassah pirerabaga chiddikiya field, chapara Masjid Road, Dhaka-lane road, Senpara Eid prayer ground, Zero Point, madabarera pond bank, Kaziparha madrassah, Shewrapara Haji Ashraf School, ibrahimapura Shewrapara type of head, in front of the bakery Nahar, jamatala front of the mosque, jamatala market, brickyard market, Amtala market, seorapatara pirerabaga Road, Massoud and konyera front of the house, Lily Housing, Boundary Road in front of garmentasera BRB, goyalabari 14 Eid prayer ground, in front of maminasmaranira, Jami Madhyapara Mosque, ibrahimapura Sarani Road, gedu matababara Road, joy Road, Manipur school courses, kafrul primary school playground, Eid Road, Shimultala canal bank, the kafrul High School, South kafrul High School, South kafrul girjaroda, saranika building jhilapara, the advantage of the school, Kamal Khan Road, Road 80 spots, Kamal Khan Road, housing Mitali Road, Corner View Road, West kafrul Hassan phirim Station Road (canal bank), Halim Foundation and Rokeya Sarani in front of the school. Ancala 5 6 Ward tejakunipara sandbox playground and Karwan Bazar road in front of the people of the tower, T & T Field and serebanlanagara seasoned market khejurabagana Ward 7, 8 ward indola, Surprise, delight and Science Museum, the Eid prayer ground grounds adjacent to the government quarter, 9 ward Dhaka Animal slaughte-house, the electricity market in the neighborhood of the Moon neighborhood jeweler jannatabaga field and playground, 30 nmabara Ward manasurabada sluijageta adjacent housing and housing sunibira, 31 Ward Road, Sher Shah suri road Eid prayer ground and water tanks in front of the dormitory, 3 ward Humayun Road ground and hope the tower back PC Culture Field, 33 ward Rayer and Summer field next to the memorial. -1 To 15 places in the southern region of ward Sat Masjid Road to the junction of Road No. 17 to No. 15 bus stand on both sides of the road, the road in front of No. 15 staff quarters, Haji Afsar Uddin Road, the face, the face Mitali Road, Mirpur Road, Dhanmondi Residential Area on the east side, the face of Al-Madina, the face hatemabaga Road, Ward 16, Green Road and Main Road, Sonargaon Road, jackfruit garden, baksakalabharta, Ward 18 Central Road, the elephant pool, New Elephant Road, Alta Plaza, NAEM lane, BG and Yadav lane, the builders, Ayub Ali Colony, Ward 19 West Malibag diaidi Adjacent to the building, Siddeswary Boys High School from Shantinagar junction, Circuit House Road, Judges Complex, Eastern Road, Jungle Road, pahioniyara Road, Siddheswari Road, Kazi Office Lane, Ramna police station, Ward 1 Nawab Habibullah Road, Paribag mosque, Bengali Motor. Region II 1 Ward, a former commissioner of the buildings on the main road to market Amanullah, Government schools on the south side of the main road block C, Government side of the C-block main roads in the north, from intersection to roundabout Khilgaon, Goran Field area of ​​the ward, Hawaii lane on the south side of the main road, the main road crossing the Nawab, Madani lake Banasree main road, Ward 3 Meradia elementary school playground, Meradia market space, Meradia ainauddina Road, Garden Road neighborhood Bhuiyan, nabinabaga Wasa Road, Ward 4 Bashabo playground South Bashabo No. 1 holding Maine Road, Bashabo cinema hall in front of the Wasa Road, madarateka A: Aziz School and college courses and madarateka intersection, 5 Ward Sabujbag sandy field, Kadamtala Wasa Road, Baseline Hindu on the roadway, 6 Ward GRP Stadium south side area, Mugda 500-bed hospital on the east side of the road and onto the east side of the tower Bashar Wasa 1262, north of Mugda 122/5 / c of the Mugda areas, 8 Ward Brothers Field Club, TT ​​Bridge neighborhood, the Bangladesh Bank to tame the market Road, the main road Fokirapul Ward 9, baksakalabharta Road, Motijheel C / A, Bangladesh Bank madhumati Cinema, Eid prayer ground in the 10 zones of the hospital ward ejibi Colony, Colony Crescent ejibi Eid prayer ground in the zone, T & T Colony Field, 11 Ward Shahjahanpur main road, Outer Circular Road, Railway Colony Police Station Road, South Khilgao jhilapara courses, railway aphiasarsa Field Club, Shahjahanpur freedom Club adjacent empty space / ground, Shahjahanpur empty space behind the Islamic Hospital / Field, South Khilgao water pump inside the empty space / Field, Ward 1 abujara Ghifari college courses, rose, Shantibagh, sahajahanapurera field, Shantibagh school, 13th Ward Baseline Shantinagar to turn the water pump (Abedin road), the main road, old platoon baksakalabharta Road. Area-3, 14-yard section of Ward Park, Hazaribagh slaughte-house, Sher Bengali Road, Leather college courses, Jigatola 6-storey Colony, Post Office Road in Jigatola Jigatola the Colony Gate, the main road Jigatola Jigatola planning courses, 132, Khanka Sharif Large road, Jigatola tenari turn, Moneswar Road is the main road, Sikder Real Estate, Sultanganj big road beribamdha, the two ward hakaribaga Road, BGB 1 Gate from the movie BGB 5 Gate, Guard movie in Nawabganj police slope, Section of Khalil Sardar empty space adjacent to the agricultural market, Kalu shrine city of WASA pump up Grub, Nawabganj Park Ward 3, the Iranian cemetery, playground, community center, in front of Azimpur mini courses, medical staff quarters inside the playground, community center seven martyrs, to be a section of pipe Factory (beribadha) until one side 226256 Lalbagh Road, Ward 4 Jagannath Saha Road, late Haji Hossain playground, balughata, Jagannath Saha Road, mini stadium field, Rahmatullah inside the school grounds, Jamila Khatun inside the school playground Azad Muslim Field Club, Riaz Uddin Kazi Road, adjacent to the open space on the ground killa mosque, killed Aug. 6 Ward. Alim playground; Farid Uddin Siddiqui in high school playground; A. Chowdhury official market f “in the school playground; Lalbagh Model High School playground; Rasulabaga inside the park; High school playground in West End; Azimpur Colony inside the field of services; Azad staff quarters Plassey playground open space; Ajimapula chapara mosque Azimpur Welfare Association office / community center open space inside; Azimpur Girls School and College in the field of government; Kastadiyanera adjacent to the main gate in the open in front of the office of the fort; Region 3 Regional Office of the pilgrims. Sardar Ghani public school school grounds; Ward 7 Husaini Road corridor; Wildfire Madrasah field; Rabbi Sir field; Badrunnessa female college courses; DSCC market; Girda Urdu Road, Rokia Community Center bower; Nawab Gardens area; Ward 8 Siraj Uddin public elementary school playground;

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