Pep leaves health quality.

Aid digestion, reduce dandruff.

Fry sbasthyaguna and health of cosmetic ingredients are in one, the scented leaves, perfumes, besides being used in the production of various medicines and material bhesadha laurel Essential ayelayeo is used.

Both fresh and dried bay leaves are usually found. Some stores match powder bay leaf.

According to experts, it is tejapataya components of vitamins, minerals and plant bacteria killing, burning necessary controls relaxing on many other benefits.

Improves digestion: Fry quickly through the body hajamaprakriyake digest the ingredients of food nutrition. Petaphampa, indigestion, gastritis, etc. are used in the treatment bay leaf. Fry the taste of food jhalabhaba beneficial bardhana.

Sardikasi or prevent the flu: ‘ayantimaikrobayala’ material Fry in a variety of respiratory inflammation income. Sardikasi, cough and get rid of flu or a chest covered with bay leaves can be cooked to eat.

To reduce pain in the body: the body to relieve pain or swelling Fry The essential oil is very beneficial. Massage oil that can read muscle tension or pain in the pair. Maigreinera headache or pain can be treated with this oil.

To prevent the growth of cancer cells and kidney stones: prevent inflammation of the kidney plays a good game bay leaves boiled in water. The risk of kidney stones are very beneficial to them.

To reduce the risk of heart disease: bay leaf, bring jhalabhaba can reduce the risk of heart disease by eating healthy cooking elements. Because of the different antioxidant factors tejapataya heart health and it helps to maintain good.

Cosmetic qualities

Tarunyadipta keep the skin: Fry in vegetable material responsible for the creation of skin wrinkles ‘Free RAM dikela “disabled. A house without anti-aging Solutions’ If you want to steam in boiling water, bay leaf wetting can be mounted.

Reduce body odor: the luxurious bathroom and fragrant does not need to spend a large sum of money. More than a piece of cloth to clean the dust bay leaf in hot water, soak a bit ‘, you can take a bath with the water.

Skin and teeth to highlight: bay leaves to boil. Wash your face with cold water. As well as fairness in the mix of dry acne. Bay leaf can be rubbed several times a week to get teeth gleaming teeth.

Reduce dandruff and hair loss: bay leaves boiled with water to reduce dandruff and hair rinse. Effective to stop the fall of hair. Fry areas of hair loss can makhatena essential oil.

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