Rod without the license of the factory production

Earthquake resistant building design is extremely important. As well as the quality and quantity of building materials used should be appropriate. Rod is an element of the building, which also serves as the spine. The rod produced in the country did not have the quality of what is in question. Bangladesh Standards and Testing Institution (BSTI), according to the CM in most of the country without BSTI factory production and marketing of rods.

As can be seen, the traditional (manual) and automatic (AUTO), the product contains 65 of the rod-like Chittagong. According to BSTI Chittagong office, a total of 15 companies have licenses valid CM. CM half the companies in the production and marketing of the rod. The rods are sold in 60-grade seal affixed.

BISTI Chittagong Office Assistant Director, KM Hanif said, “surveillance team last year after the mission is to test the samples iesaaraemera 60 grade rod. The report is available iesaaraemera rod quality is poor. ”

However, without BSTI license Balaka 60 grade steel rod business, Benson Steel, Al-printed steel, steel and manati Peninsula organizations like steel. Every day an average of 100 tons of steel in Balaka, Benson Steel 100, the print of 80-90, 80-100 and manati Peninsula 80-100 tons of steel rods are produced and marketed.

In this regard, Bangladesh Auto Re-Rolling and Steel Mills Association Chairman Sheikh masadula Alam Masud said, “There are many companies in the market, the rods are not in any grade. 60 grade rod on the market, they are the common seal affixed. Approval of the company in the market due to lower selling prices degrading rod. BISTI not taking appropriate action against the approval of this trend is not stopped. ”

Traders said, better quality MS-60 grade rod per ton currently being sold at Tk 50-55. The 60 low-grade rods are being sold at 45-50 thousand per ton. Although low-grade and 500 in each of the company’s 60-watt sealed rade was not good or bad, consumers will have the opportunity to verify.

BISTI region director Saiful Islam said, ‘General, and grade rods and production of all types of BISTI compulsory license. But the city does not license the products are mostly rod producers. BSTI on behalf of the organization during the campaign against the fine and the case was continued. However, many organizations are illegally producing rods. Despite the desire of many men sankatasaha BSTI time is not possible to take action against these organizations. ”

Urban planners say, raising the risk of deployment due to the use of sub-standard rods. The Bangladesh Environment Movement (BAPA), Joint Secretary and prominent urban planner and architect Iqbal Habib, said the engineers building a soil quality, the environment, considering the capacity of the rod (Load Calculation) was calculated. If you just look at the market from the owners of the sealed rods buy low, then the risk will of the building. “

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