The beauty lost due to corruption aipilera: Preity Zinta

Kings XI Punjab Preity Zinta has owned the club partnerships. His presence can be seen in many of the IPL matches. Gambling-theft and corruption aipile think he lost his original beauty.
Bollywood actress Preity Zinta has been bothering anetaka approached top officials IPL. IPL spot-fixing during a meeting of the Working Group on 8 August doubt in his heart, said.
His connection with his suspected match-fixing incident may have involved some of the cricketer. Indian cricket board officials friendly IPL-corruption players’ lie detector test on the request.
He further said that the matter should be filed before him, or more. But the absence of evidence that he could not do it. The Indian Cricket Board questioned the effectiveness of anti-corruption unit.
He mentioned several matches, he wondered, or was the result of the pre-nirdharitai matches.

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