Goodbye cricket

And only some of the time. Please retired from international cricket after one of its brightest stars. Sri Lanka batsman Kumar Sangakkara legend. One of the best ever batsmen were dismissed kriketangana emotion rolled period. Sangakkara and the adoration of the world are enjoying their cricket.

Kumar Sangakkara! Chuichui age 38. Long spent 15 years in international cricket. Let’s let him bat. Twenty yards on the canvas with the brush craft showed the timeless world of cricket. Spread the appreciation of cricket arena. The building’s creation, itself freely broken. Today, the creative artists at the end of the carrier. Teammates are seeking to end his own career in the soil of this superstar. That’s why his farewell cricket-lovers scrambling soul!

000 was his debut against South Africa at the Galle Cricket baraputrera. Sangakkara made 38 centuries in 13 Tests and scored 12305. Tests for Sri Lanka’s highest. Sangakkara highest Test run-scorer list of the names of all the fifth. However, the Sri Lankan batting average has exceeded all. His Test batting average of 58.31. In addition, Sri Lanka has the highest score in the left-handed batsman.

Today it was time to say goodbye. The departure of the band’s tunes. In setting itself is very much unknown. She simply stood in the way of the carrier reaches the final Test in Sri Lanka is trying to leave behind a memorable career greatly honored.

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