Berlusconi Palace buying saudiraja

Lilabhumi mummy is going to be changed. 35 million pounds of Italy’s former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi is about to be sold to Palace Entertainment. Salman of Saudi Arabia is the list of potential customers.

According to Italian media reports, last week sardiniyara-third of Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin luxurious villas sertosa nayephake host a billionaire media mogul Berlusconi, the former prime minister as well. Not only that, he showed himself the prince’s palace. Berlusconi is heard sometime rajasalamana lilabhumi keen to buy this house. Berlusconi said the deal with Prince for him.

What is so special about Dream Palace Berlusconi’s villa sertosa?

The entertainment empire built on 168 acres includes 68 rooms, 6 swimming pools, a large park and an artificial volcano. The Hollywood James Bond film is set to follow in imposing underground swimming pool, which is adjacent to the tunnel to reach the sea directly. Tunnel wall mosaic portrait of the gods.

Berlusconi himself said, to avoid enemy strikes bump along the bottom of the sea to escape the tunnel, it was made for. Is heard, Russian President Vladimir Putin and former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, Berlusconi’s fate sometime during this road used to enter the palace.

Not just Blair or Putin, the Italian billionaire politician of the world’s leading decision-makers spent the holiday in a luxurious guest palace. Reportedly, many of them nude or topless with palace swimming pool, beauty was seen. One of them, former Czech Prime Minister nude pictures were leaked paparatji time.

Buy palace of Britain, Russia and the Arabs have tried many dives. However, leading Berlusconi has seasoned them talk.

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