And the resignation of the sacrifice

“Countries need to sacrifice any of that,” the prime minister welcomed the statement said. The very big sacrifices to overcome the country’s crisis by the resignation of the Prime Minister called on all parties in a fair election, the party announced.

BNP central office in a press conference on Monday, a spokesman for the international secretary of the party. He was speaking at Ripon.

Ripon Prime Minister bodhodayake welcome. The country is in extreme crisis. Politics is killing the country. Everything is out of control. If the crisis deepens, the country pulled out of the country, who may not be possible.

So we do not want to acknowledge the great sacrifice, we would like to, he’s just a small sacrifice. She resigned from the participation of everyone in the country when an election will be acceptable, and he declared it. It did not occur to her political defeat. Rather, he will become a precedent. People will respect. He would be adorable to the people.

He did not Chandpur kacuyaya August 15 a day of mourning to mark the contribution of the brutal attacks on teachers and students, have no language to condemn her. It could not be any civilized country.

Ripon the country today, there is no chance to protest. Human chain against the crimes of the program can not be wrong today. Is blocked.

BNP leader said the unusual situation that the country is undergoing an adverse effect on the country’s youth and future generations are. The need to think of it. There is no public participation in the elections on January 5. There was just a false opposition. The government does not have the moral authority established in the country today. Just do not eat the food, the room was being murdered. That is why the country amid the horror. Dummy of the parliament, the government can not move.

Ripon said the only way to overcome this situation in a fair election with the participation of everyone.

BNP spokesman said in response to a question, the need for a fair election, it’s time to remind all governments are rastrara grades. If the government is deaf, sleeps up if they do not have anything to do, we’ll keep our calling.

In response to another question, he said, Ripon, the question we are only with (BNP), all teams repeatedly urge the Government to negotiate with. On the basis of discussions to decide the election process and the way that we are willing to compromise. We do not say the constitution will be disqualified from the election under the caretaker government.

The press conference was attended by BNP chairperson’s adviser ASM Abdul Halim, MA Qayyum, co-organizing secretary Abdus Salam Azad, co-leader of the BNP office secretary Abdul Latif Jony and Meherun Nesa Haque.

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