Chairman of the board rally in Dhaka to demand the removal of barriers

Rajshahi Education Board Chairman demand the removal of the student-teacher-parents, the police prevented the rally.

Monday morning at 10 am to be held at the initiative of nagarika mahinagarera Lakhimpur, but in the end it could sow’s organizers.

The teachers and the guardians of the quarter at 11 Lakshmipur demonstrations turn out. C & B is in the city at the end of the procession. At the time, there was indispensable.

The statement rakhena Popularity Abul Hossain, teachers and employees of the National Front of Rajshahi district unit president Shafiqur King, Principal of the College of Bangabandhu Hoque, general secretary of the country fight to protect the church Khan, president of the National Women’s Council of the imagination, judgment, Babu Raj kumarasaha others.

Abul Hayat, Chairman of the Board of Education to demand the removal of the country from teachers and parents, on Tuesday (11 August) in Rajshahi district, the strike call was given to all educational institutions. The next 3 September, the Board of Education was announced anasana siege and hunger.

The Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board Chairman Professor Dr country. Abul Hayat City at 10 am today to demand the removal of the student-teacher-parent Laxmipur rally was announced.

Rajpara city police officer (OC), Mehdi Hassan, the Board of Education should be the solution to the problem of education boards. Mahasabesa street rally in the chaos that can be given to anyone asankakaya the works, he added.

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