BCS examinations allow the use of calculators

35 BCS written test schedule at the time of publication bans the use of calculators are allowed to use calculators on the 10 Public Service Commission (PSC).

On Monday (10 August), the examination controller (cadre) of th e Naser Uddin signed a press statement.

It is called a compulsory subject of mathematical logic, mathematics, applied mathematics, physics, applied physics, statistics, accounting, computer science, electronics and engineering subjects in all tests except the test prohibiting the use of the calculator.

The test subjects will be compulsory from 1 September. Which will run until 7 September. And in terms of the issues to be examined from 9 September to 10 October.

Dhaka, Rajshahi, Chittagong, Khulna, Barisal, Sylhet and Rangpur written test will be held at the center.

The test of the gate raided calculator available on any device or the PSC announced the disqualified candidates.

The statement by another instruction for subjects Bengali, Bengali, 7 September in the first and second letter was not for the different code prathamapatre 001 and 002 dbitiyapatre need to write code.

The answer should be written in two parts, the two lithokodayukta. If the answer is the same answer that the two papers would be rejected. The same question differently for the two papers of 100 marks each question.

And on September 7 technical / professional cadres for candidates (b) of the 100 number three hours kramike Bengali prathamapatrera testing conditions and the code number will remain unchanged, according to the PSC.

Under new rules, the maximum two lakh 44 thousand 107 candidates of the 35th BCS preliminary test was held on March 6.

On April 8, the 35th BCS preliminary test results of the PSC, the order of 0. 391 passed.

In the New Testament written test of 00 marks will be four hours, three hours and 100 marks will be examined. At least 50 percent of the average number of pass the written exam.

Any candidate who receives less than 30 marks in the matter could not be considered any number.

Similarly, you need to pass written and oral tests.

BCS rules, the new rules and amendments to the syllabus at 00 is a two-hour preliminary examination. Preliminary tests were held one hour before the 100 number.

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