Sri Lanka’s dark secret

Requirements for the holidays, there’s everything. Excellent climate, friendly people, delicious food, pleasant beach. There are a host of entertainment in the dark mysteries. Note that in some places the situation in Sri Lanka, such as leisure.

Thalasebhana resorts in one. The place was once inhabited overseas Tamils. There are now arranged in a luxury building. The owner, who claimed to be the place, and they’re one of the slums nearby. They claimed that, as the land is now parabasira.

Abakasakendrati luxurious Army operates. The army claimed that the land was to prove one of them Tamils. Reliable information about the mismatch of ownership. So, they have used the land unused.

In Sri Lanka, there is a lack of abakasakendrera. There are other resorts along one side of the street. There is something special about the thalasebhanara. When the army checkpoint to enter the abakasakendre is exposed. There is everything from passports will be checked. Even the guests did not have the camera in the car, was also put to the test. Abakasakendre have many restrictions on journalists to enter.

Go to Step thalasebhanaya condoned by the military courts. Barracks are. Ministers hair cropped like soldiers. Bhangitio stand in pride is evident. Not only ministers, thalasebhanara majority of the workers. All the soldiers here. While there is some wearing military clothing. But somewhere out there tahalao armed forces.

Abakasakendrera jaulusamaya cross section of the scene is somewhat different. It is clear, six years of civil war, but discrimination continues. Sri Lanka is still divided.

Abakasakendrera away from the Tamil people living in a small house. There are about 00 people living in Tamil. 58 families. They have little access to water and toilets.

Residents complained that their land has been occupied by the army during the Civil War. Now they are being forced to live this way. Julius stood in front of the dilapidated tin selabhamara complained, they were evicted from their land Beach. Now the heck this slum life.

Selabhamara said, the land price has increased manifold. But the land is unlikely to be returned.

The army claimed that the allegations were unfounded Brigadier jayauira jayanatha. He said the land was unnecessary. Army utilized public land. He said the question was why no one has claimed ownership of the land? Talk about it with the commander.
Maybe people did not forget the name of Kilinochchi, Sri Lanka. It was the headquarters of the Tamil separatist organization of the Tamil Tiger army. Two decades of violence and destruction there is. Kilinochchi has been on the road now. Has launched a new railway. Kilinochchi becoming modern. However, human rights violations have ceased. Thousands of Tamil gharahara now. BBC adaptation

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