Teen adolescent mental changes in 7 Steps

As a teenager, he entered adolescence, he is faced with diverse physical and mental feelings. A wonderful experience.

Spends his days filling one of the creeps, spent the night. At first, he had the feeling to be broken, to be crushed inside. Changed his known world.

He has to leave the body in a nice lime forest where no one else in the world. The smell of the air, sowing otherworldly touch the clouds. Suddenly she was afraid of this drastic change. What a sweet illness is her! He bhabe.

1. Ruksma the mood:

This time the teenager was not worried about myself. Do not know what disease she suffers! – So there was restless and went to hide himself in the mood ruksma. He is angry easily. Was evident in his distraught.

II. One of the women brought a new dimension to his thinking:

He saw a woman come to see the new way to learn. The new look was unveiled in front of his eyes. Not just the mother, sister is; He also felt the need to have a new relationship. His infinite love, you have to go somewhere else to change the world. She wants to know her very deeply.

3. Ban the world draws his ideas:

Since women in our society, love and lust and forbidden issues. So his thoughts go out to the ban. He wants to know. Wants to know something about his body. His thoughts and feelings in the city throughout the body.

4. Lots wants to sleep:

As she felt her body in her sleep on the orange city. So she wants to sleep a lot. He wants to take possession of the sleeping princess. She wants to walk away seven heavens. As tends to be the hormonal changes. So she feels a lot of fatigue. And in his sleep as a result of the desire to sleep.

5. Delinquent behavior:

When she could not cope with the changes in his body and mind. As our society to suppress his body and mind. And she could not understand what to do. Do not tell anyone she finds. He gives all his enemies.

As a result, he left some delinquent behavior. Akaranei may be false. Feeling like someone hit her in the affairs to occur.

6. Feel sin:

He becomes the criminal. He is the devil, or Satan, who has got to land. If not, why would! That’s why it’s good to think of the woman’s body? Why would he change his thinking and demand? He suffers from a sense of sin. Paritranera way out. Are getting frustrated.

7. Love to read:

Since he could understand, he is not completely alone. Elsewhere in its entirety. So she wants to fall in love. He wants to love someone with all pour out. Some unwittingly falls in love with the terrible way. Then the helpless cry in silence.

Many do not have the courage to express love. Some became extremely brave. Love can not do anything if he does not cease to be.

Adolescence is a very critical time for adolescents. And as the guardian of the psychological services to our ucati. To come up to his mental instability should cooperate.

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