Akshay, Aamir had twinkle wedding video

Amir Khan is the perfect actor, it’s axiomatic. Most of his relationship with Bollywood stars. Their birthday, marriage, wedding, he took part in the ceremony, including many. Not only that, the 50-year-old actor was holding his hands up in a wedding video.

Do not believe? If you go back in 000. The year ‘fair’ film starred with Aamir Khanna twinkle. The following year, he married Akshay Kumar. The wedding ceremony was held at a wide range of domestic bhidiographarera chief responsibility. Guests are invited to capture each and every moment he had.

TWINKLE Mumbai on Tuesday, the first book, “Mrs. phanibonasa was the chief guest of the production. He reminisced about the Bollywood superstar. The twinkle friend Karan Johar and his mother Dimple Kapadia

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