Sbapnapurusera dhallywood stars!

Caura often broke the hearts of the fans, became the favorite actress wedding. Before the reader’s own heart-breaking to know how the boy came to live in the home of a favorite actress?
Nutan: Apu’s like a good son, a good manusasudhu and be of good people will bhaloobasate naapuke crazily. APU is not willing to compromise on the place of love. Apu and we have to take the good and evil begin to end lagaoara not wealth, bhalobasataya to Apu’s great.

Vidya Sinha Mim: Vidya Sinha mimera market in full of the wedding market. The heroine has already taken place in the hearts of countless fans. However, the heroine is still no way to replace the solvent nisat like a son, a boy who loved mimeramima nibeanyadera care of her like a good man, and said mimao, Mim understand that his work will help. And yes, like mimerao love, only love.

Hobbies: get married, do not think much about the hobby. He is the Love dolaya dolachena. This partnership is not marriage at all until nilayasesa boyfriend? It is a mystery. It is the marriage of his parents gave up on the hobbies or interests tinima their faith father loved, educated and smart cheleye parlor parlor taratabe activities would have stopped.

Mahi: pot as well as a fun manusaye Mahi Mahi dustumi with that, eventually, he will be a really good manusamahira khunasutiara need hasikusi eakati nature, do not like her sultry nature. Mahi achesiksagata more suited to being the main nayamukhya good man, loving relationship.

Isana: Want to spend the life of a good man in the chest with his head over the glamor girl isanatabe bharasa special favor to the marriage. If you want to know how the boy was still isana, the better understanding, a better friend, to understand him, that he will respect the son who wants a life partner.

Orsha: Glamour girl arsa. She wants to become a good son. I am a better understanding, the understanding of his work place.

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